Funk Allstars headline the VA 420 Festival! 

ToNY CaMM & The Funk Allstars will headline the VA 420 Festival on April 20, 2022 in Big Island, VA.

The two day event also features performances from C.J. Oswald, Christian Q. & The Groove, Firecracker Jam and comedian Paul Hogan, along with helicopter rides, cannabis classes, vendors, arts & crafts and a corn hole tournament.

Various ticket packages can be purchased now HERE.

"7 Hours Of The Dead" trailer released! 

ToNY CaMM Animation Studios and Pascat Films have released the long-awaited trailer for their upcoming zombie thriller "7 Hours Of The Dead", which follows a re-animated hero mercenary as he attempts to rescue the Vice-President of the United States from a horde of zombies inside of a historic library.

Watch the trailer right now right HERE.


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WATCH the "Hey Shortie" 3D animation virtual concert video! 

The new Tony Camm funk/R&B single "Hey Shortie" dropped on Friday Oct 22, accompanied by a 3D animation virtual concert video.

The ground-breaking video was created and produced by Winston Marsden and Jake Jiracek of Pascat Graphics & Marketing along with ToNY CaMM Animation Studios.

Watch the video below.

The song "Hey Shortie", which features Camm, Scottie Clinton, Tra'zae Clinton and Lovell, is released on Isotopia Records and available on all music platforms.

ToNY CaMM releases first label single "Hey Shortie" on Isotopia Records! 

Funk/rock frontman Tony Camm has teamed with his teen-hood bandmate Walter Whitfield to produce and release "Hey Shortie" on New York City-based Isotopia Records.

The song, which blends elements of funk, R&B, rap, hip-hop and jazz, and features a collaboration with singer/rapper Lovell, Scottie Clinton and Tra'zae Clinton, is produced by Maurice "Producer Lo Key" Preston and singer-songwriter/producer Constance Hauman. 

"Hey Shortie" will be released on Friday October 22, 2021 on all music and streaming platforms, and will be accompanied by a cutting-edge 3D animation virtual concert video created by Winston Marsden and Jake Jiracek for Pascat Graphics & Marketing and ToNY CaMM Animation Studios. 

To view the "Hey Shortie" music video click HERE.

ToNY CaMM Films hosts red carpet premiere screening of "Only In My Nightmares" 

ToNY CaMM Films held a red carpet premiere screening for it's upcoming release of "Only In My Nightmares" over the weekend in Richmond, VA.

The horror short, written and directed by V.J. Acree, and executive produced by Tony Camm, both of whom star in the film, is slated for release this Friday August 13, 2021 on Youtube.

Judging by attendees response, the film will be a hit with audiences all over the globe, with a sequel already in development.

You can view the full trailer below:

ToNY CaMM on "Funk From The Front Seat". 

ToNY CaMM recently spent some time with Zack and Kara from the popular interview show "Funk From The Front Seat", and talked about his new music, the launch of his comic book adventure series and his first film as a movie producer. 

Check out the full interview below.




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