First ink drawn on Funk Allstars comic book! 

First ink has been drawn on The Adventures of ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars comic book series.

The comic book, created by ToNY CaMM and drawn by famed artist Curtis Wilcox, chronicles Camm's alter ego Capt. Funk and his love interest Qui Qui Hughes as they lead the F.A.N. (Funk Allstars Nation) in a battle against C.H.A.S.M., an organization dedicated to societal divisiveness. 

The Avengers-style series sees Capt. Funk, Qui Qui and members of the Funk Allstars call upon their individual powers to thwart the chaos of the C.H.A.S.M. and maintain the unity of the One rhythm.

The Adventures of ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars is slated to debut in late 2021.


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ToNY CaMM Entertainment launches COMICS Division! 

ToNY CaMM Entertainment, LLC. announces the launch of ToNY CaMM COMICS.

The new Comics division will work with notable graphic artists and writers to produce entertaining content in the world of comic books and graphic novels.

Projects in development include the dark action comic series Brando James Vol. 1: Blood By The James with noted graphic artist Stan Lee Webb and The Adventures of Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars, featuring artwork by Curtis Wilcox.

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ToNY CaMM Entertainment launches ToNY CaMM MuSIC! 

ToNY CaMM Entertainment, LLC. announces the launch of ToNY CaMM MuSIC for the purpose of "creating, recording and publishing really dope music". 

The company will produce and release original ToNY CaMM songs, as well as executive produce music for up and coming artists "who have something special to give to the world". 

ToNY CaMM MuSIC will work with top-notch producers and engineers, as well as top-of-the-line recording studios for both solo artists and full bands.

Aspiring singers, songwriters and bands should send an inquiry to 

Life is VIDA! Music artist ToNY CaMM launches ad campaign for his art-infused clothing line. 

Funk recording artist and bandleader ToNY CaMM has launched an advertising campaign to promote his new apparel line based on his own artwork.

The luxury collection, available at VIDA, boasts colorful and expressive designs on sweatshirts, tees, scarves, leggings, wraps and masks, as well as handbags, clutches, home decor, jewelry and tech accessories.

CaMM has teamed up with creative Angelina Dawn, and power couple Phillip and Seisha Cunningham to bring the campaign to life in a series of ads and an impending music video.

View the ads below...and SHOP the collection HERE.

Seisha Cunningham wearing the "Her" design athleisure top.

Seisha Cunningham rocking the "One Rhythm One Nation" leggings.


Phillip Cunningham wearing the "Love Of Funk And Peace" unisex tee.


Seisha Cunningham has her hands full with the "Her" and "The Heart Of Soul"  statement bags.


ToNY CaMM is rocking the "Faces Of The Funk" unisex tee.


Tony Camm and super-creative Angelina Dawn at the ToNY CaMM VIDA Collection photo shoot. Her glasses from the "Hey Shortie" eyewear collection. His glasses by Ikonacy


ToNY CaMM & The Young White Delics release cover of Funkadelic's "Friday Night, August 14th" 

Funk recording artist and bandleader ToNY CaMM has teamed up with a group of young rockers to record and release a cover of the Funkadelic classic "Friday Night, August 14th".

The single is a part of Camm's "mission" to pay homage to the music of Funkadelics Billy "Bass" Nelson, Tawl Ross, Eddie Hazel, Tiki Fulwood and George Clinton.

Recorded at the legendary Fainting Goat Studio in Bedford, VA., the song features Willy Gurley on guitar/vocals, Brad Freeman on bass/vocals, Eric Sutton on drums, Tyler Warren on guitar, Caleb Michael Settje on keys, with Camm and the powerhouse Eve-Lynn Deegan holding down lead vocals.

Listen to and download the full song HERE.

ToNY CaMM to rock the stage at Funkateers Ball 5. 

ToNY CaMM, bandleader and vocalist of ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars, is all set to rock the stage at the 2021 Funkateers Ball 5 to be held at the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Club in Bethesda, MD.

CaMM will guest perform with Maryland's own supergroup The Clones of Funk, as they heat up the stage for P-Funk legends Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton, "Skeet" Curtis, "Cherokee" Bunn, Greg Boyer and Tawl Ross, in a show that celebrates the 50 year anniversary of Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain" album.

The event on April 17, 2021, that will also feature a performance by P_Funk DNA Shirley Clinton, will mark a return to the BBJ stage for CaMM, whose Funk Allstars (with an assist on drums by legendary Bootsy's Rubber Band drummer Frankie "Kash" Waddy) opened for Clip Payne and 420 Funk Mob at last year's Funkateers Ball 4.

Click HERE for tickets and more info.

ToNY CaMM launches art-inspired luxury apparel line! 

ToNY CaMM, in collaboration with Vida, has launched his own collection of original art-inspired apparel and accessories that will support education and empowerment programs around the globe.

The collection features wearable art and home goods designed from CaMM's own drawings, paintings and creative ideas.

Every purchase from the collection helps to offer education and empowerment programs all around the world.

Shop the ToNY CaMM Collection now.



ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars funk up the stage at 5 Points Music Sanctuary! 

Friday night, March 6, ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars brought their "psychedelic funk circus" to the 5 Points Music Sanctuary in Roanoke, VA.

Serving as the opening act for the electrifying Freekbass and the Bump Assembly, Camm and his band of funk marauders got the stage nice and hot and the 5 Points crowd on their feet, performing an hour-long set that included P-Funk hits, their genre-created #FunktheDead, and the band's staple "One Rhythm, One Nation" show ender.

Kicking the set off with rousing renditions of Funkadelic's "Friday Night August The 14th" and "Red Hot Mama"that were given extra life by the always-energetic dancing of front-woman and vocalist Jacqui Camm, the band brought things current with the new Parliament hit "I'm Gone Make U Sick 'O Me", followed by the group's "funk the dead" version of The Grateful Dead's "Franklin's Tower", before asking the already-funked-up crowd to "free your mind" as guitarists Jimmy Young and Ashley Sutton, backed by Chris Schmitt on keys, Patrick Street on bass, and Lonnie Daye, Jr. on drums launched into a dual solo spiritual rendition of Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain", accompanied by an electric light hoola hoop dancer positioned front of stage.

Always wanting to leave the crowd on their feet, the band then launched into a medley of Parliament's "Flashlight" and "Give Up The Funk" and ended the show with their message-inspired jam of unity "(Da Butt) One Rhythm, One Nation".

The night was truly one nation under a groove.

Follow the band's One Rhythm One Nation Tour HERE.






Tony Camm Radio is #1 on Radio434! 

January numbers show that the Tony Camm Radio Channel is the #1 station on the Radio434 platform.

The Radio434 platform boasts twelve channels with different genres, including HOT Hip-Hop and R&B, HITS 90s to Now, Everything 80s, Modern Alternative, ROCKS, Happy Hour, CLUB by DJ Ed, the recently launched DJ Showtime channel, as well as talk/lifestyle stations News Radio, The MIKE Show, LiveStream Lynchburg and Tony Camm Radio.

The fast-growing internet radio platform is available on any web browser at and also on the "Radio434" app.

The popularity of the Tony Camm Radio channel is bolstered by station anchor-show "Dishing It Out", and the 2019 addition of new shows "Let's Talk", "The B. Rich Show" and "Camm, Keisha & Company", all "lifestyle" shows that feature segments built around entertainment and empowerment.

Click HERE to listen to "The B. Rich Show" starring Brian Richie, Anthony "Train" Johnson and Jessica "Tooty" Elliotte.

Click HERE to listen to "Let's Talk" starring Layia Perry, Morgan Pannell, Rae Clive, Shawna Martin and Cal Buck.

Click HERE to listen to "Camm, Keisha & Company" starring Tony Camm, Keisha Bowling, Deidre Douglas, Jataen Rucker and Anthony Johnson.

Click HERE to listen to "Dishing It Out" starring Jacqui Camm, Keisha Bowling, Diva Yassin, Denita Lewis and Kentonna Smith.

The Tony Camm Radio Channel is available 24/7 at and on the "Radio434" app.




The NEW Camm, Keisha & Company Show! 

Radio personalities Tony Camm and Keisha Bowling have joined their respective shows to create and produce the new lifestyle show "Camm, Keisha & Company" for radio and podcast.

Combining the interview style of "Keisha & Company" with the entertaining "Tony Camm Radio Show", and adding fitness guru Deidre "Diesel" Douglas, bakery entrepreneur Jataen Rucker and the comedic wit of Anthony "Train" Johnson as cast regulars, the new show delivers a very entertaining and empowering sixty minutes of lifestyle for your radio and podcast. 

"Camm, Keisha & Company" features humorous banter about today's topics, interviews with persons of note, baking recipes, fitness training and healthy eating, along with business tips from entrepreneur Anthony Andrews, life coaching from Johnathan "Teflon John' Smith and motivational messages from Coach Rob Williams. 

The show can be heard daily on Tony Camm Radio on the Radio434 platform as well as on podcast on demand.



...and be ENTERTAINED.

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