ToNY CaMM & The Funk Allstars set to headline 2022 Be Kind Music Festival! 

ToNY CaMM & The Funk Allstars bring their "One Rhythm, One Nation" touring show to this year's Be Kind Music Festival this Fri night Sept 23 at the Sedalia Center in Big Island, VA.

The 20-piece "psychedelic funk circus" will take the stage at 9pm with a two hour show that features elements of P-Funk, rock, soul, hip-hop and the band's own creation of funky Grateful Dead tunes coined "Funk the Dead".

Opening acts on Friday include Kimberly Druen, Firecracker Jam, Gabby Lea, McBroom & The Jam and Sierra Star.

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The Funk Allstars and Earthbound Creatures delight at Funkateers Ball 6! 

ToNY CaMM & The Funk Allstars, featuring a litany of special guest performers, along with Earthbound Creatures. P-Funk legend Mike Hampton and vocalist Kendra Foster tore the roof off of the Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club this past weekend at Funkateers Ball 6.

Read the review from David "Dr. Brookenstein" Brooks:

The show started at 8:20pm with ToNY CaMM and the Earthbound Creatures (featuring Nappyhead Funk Army's own Zack Roberson (#9) and P-Funk's own Kendra Foster). The band started off hot, getting the fans shaking their hips to all FUNKADELIC music -- the first song was "Standing on the Verge of Getting It On". The synthesizer riffs were nice and funky (thanks to Chris Schmitt) and the funky bass lines were hot. "Super Stupid" featured #9 on lead vocals and this song was nothing short of guitar heaven (with the nastiest, fiery lead guitar work so far this night)!! "Good to Your Earhole" and "Friday Night, August the 14th" were da bomb..."Friday Night" was led vocally by female vocalist Eve-Lynn Deegan and it was another straight-up pyrotechnic lead guitar fest! The ending to this set was a slower song called "I'll Stay", featuring the beautiful vocal stylings of Ms. Kendra Foster! I loved the synthesizer riffing on this song. The set was over around 9:00pm. 

The second set began 9:20pm with ToNY CAMM and the Funk Allstars (with Kendra Foster, Zack "#9" Roberson, Linda Shider, Robert Woods and Shirley Clinton). Shirley Clinton came out and performed a super-funky track called "Funk Me If You Nasty" followed by "Give Me The Funk"! After that, it was on to some newer P-Funk stuff called "Pole Power"...the dancefloor was full of funkateers shaking their groove thangs--GIVING UP THE FUNK!! Mr. ToNY CAMM handled lead vocals for my favorite new P-Funk song "I'm Gonna Make U Sick" -- the sax solo on this song was very nice, but the highlight was the intense lead guitarisms of Mike "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton! P-Funk vocalist Linda Shider was featured on "Red Hot Momma" and she killed it on lead vocals -- the band played the verses nice & slow and chorus of the song was nothing short of straight fire. Kidd Funkadelic was up to his usual act of spitting out blazing fire with his lead guitar and Gabe Gonzalez broke it down on a powerful drum solo! "One Nation Under a Groove" was another lead guitar spotlight for Kidd Funkadelic. "(Not Just) Knee Deep" featured #9 on scat vocals, but the highlight of the song was the beautiful voice of Kendra Foster channeling the late Ms. Belita Woods on "Sentimental Journey" (JUST SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL)! The song featured a little bit of "Rubber Duckie" and the "Disco-to-Go" riff (a la P-Funk style). It was on to some more danceable funk stuff with "Flashlight"...everyone got an overdose of DA FUNK on this night...even a new SIR NOSE emerged onstage! 

Then it was on "Maggot Brain"...interesting enough, Kidd Funkadelic decided to play some of The Wizard of Oz classic "If I Only Had a Brain" (The Scarecrow Song). Very comical stuff--afterward, he went into the signature Eddie Hazel song "Maggot Brain" -- EXCELLENT performance by The Kidd ! "Cosmic Slop" featured #9 on lead vocals...Kidd Funkadelic had some technical difficulties so he jumped into the solo part of the song a little first, the lead guitar riffs were a little subdued but he finished very strong. "Mothership Connection" was the ending to this funk fest with ToNY CAMM summoning for the mothership. The show ended at 11:10pm.

Watch videos from the show.

"One Nation Under A Groove"


"(Not Just) Knee Deep"

"Cosmic Slop"

ToNY CaMM brings his "psychedelic funk circus" to Funkateers Ball 6. 

Funk ringmaster ToNY CaMM, leader of the Funk Allstars collective, is bringing his "psychedelic funk circus" to Funkateers Ball 6 on Sept 10, 2022 at Bethesda Blues & Jazz Supper Club in Bethesda, MD.

The annual P-Funk convention, which this year features guitar legend and Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer Michael "Kidd Funkadelic" Hampton and Grammy award winning songstress Kendra Foster, and is emceed by famed Mandrill drummer Neftali "Funkadrill" Santiago will see hundreds of funkateers descend upon southern Maryland for a full weekend of festivities that include listening parties, social gatherings, book signings, trivia competitions and the live-music ball itself.

CaMM and his high-energy party mob, which includes members of two bands, The Funk Allstars and rockers Earthbound Creatures, plus an assortment of P-Funk luminaries such as Linda Shider and Gabe Gonzalez as guest performers are preparing to tear the roof off of the venue with classic and fresh new hits in homage to the music and legacy of the legendary Parliament-Funkadelic.

Doors will open at 6pm and the 30 member music act will take the stage at 8.


Tickets and more info are available at 




Funk Allstars headline the VA 420 Festival! 

ToNY CaMM & The Funk Allstars will headline the VA 420 Festival on April 20, 2022 in Big Island, VA.

The two day event also features performances from C.J. Oswald, Christian Q. & The Groove, Firecracker Jam and comedian Paul Hogan, along with helicopter rides, cannabis classes, vendors, arts & crafts and a corn hole tournament.

Various ticket packages can be purchased now HERE.

"7 Hours Of The Dead" trailer released! 

ToNY CaMM Animation Studios and Pascat Films have released the long-awaited trailer for their upcoming zombie thriller "7 Hours Of The Dead", which follows a re-animated hero mercenary as he attempts to rescue the Vice-President of the United States from a horde of zombies inside of a historic library.

Watch the trailer right now right HERE.


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WATCH the "Hey Shortie" 3D animation virtual concert video! 

The new Tony Camm funk/R&B single "Hey Shortie" dropped on Friday Oct 22, accompanied by a 3D animation virtual concert video.

The ground-breaking video was created and produced by Winston Marsden and Jake Jiracek of Pascat Graphics & Marketing along with ToNY CaMM Animation Studios.

Watch the video below.

The song "Hey Shortie", which features Camm, Scottie Clinton, Tra'zae Clinton and Lovell, is released on Isotopia Records and available on all music platforms.

ToNY CaMM releases first label single "Hey Shortie" on Isotopia Records! 

Funk/rock frontman Tony Camm has teamed with his teen-hood bandmate Walter Whitfield to produce and release "Hey Shortie" on New York City-based Isotopia Records.

The song, which blends elements of funk, R&B, rap, hip-hop and jazz, and features a collaboration with singer/rapper Lovell, Scottie Clinton and Tra'zae Clinton, is produced by Maurice "Producer Lo Key" Preston and singer-songwriter/producer Constance Hauman. 

"Hey Shortie" will be released on Friday October 22, 2021 on all music and streaming platforms, and will be accompanied by a cutting-edge 3D animation virtual concert video created by Winston Marsden and Jake Jiracek for Pascat Graphics & Marketing and ToNY CaMM Animation Studios. 

To view the "Hey Shortie" music video click HERE.



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