Cheers Lynchburg 2018 Kicks Off June 22!

Summer in Lynchburg is synonymous to live music and great food with family and friends. Cheers to the Weekend and MG Productions in collaboration with Lynchburg Concerts and various non-profits is pleased to announce a fundraising campaign to benefit eight…

Tony Camm Radio takes local content global!

Tony Camm Radio, a part of the Radio 434 entertainment platform, is aggressively streaming local Lynchburg area content out to the world.

Launched three years ago by Camm and Mike Mckendree to continue the popularity of the Tony Camm Radio…


The FUNK hit the Spot last night in Roanoke - A Review!

Last night Roanoke live music enthusiasts got funked up at The Spot On Kirk, as Tony Camm & The FUNK Allstars took the stage with their "One Rhythm, One Nation" tour, which included some of the funkiest music heard in…

The FUNK came to Jimmy's On The James!

Jimmy's On The James, in Downtown Lynchburg, got "funked up" last night, as the area's biggest, baddest funk extravaganza, Tony Camm & The FUNK Allstars, tore the roof off the sucka.

The band, downsized to just six performers (as opposed…

This is Jacqui!

This is Jacqui...Bride of Tony Funkenstein, singer, rapper and dancer.

Catch her performing with Tony Camm & The Funk Allstars LIVE on March 2, 2018 at the Academy Center of the Arts.

Click HERE for tickets and more info.

The Tony Camm Radio Show Returns!

The TONY CAMM RADIO SHOW returns to the air on February 12, 2018.

The "lifestyle for your radio" show reunites the original HOT SQUAD from Lynchburg's HOT103.9FM, that featured Camm, Jamille Moreland and Brian Richie.

Returning for the re-launch are…