ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars to headline Rockn To Lockn this Saturday.

By the time the "psychedelic funk circus" that is ToNY CaMM & The FUNK Allstars hits the stage at Lynchburg's Academy Warehouse Theatre this Saturday night, the packed-house crowd will have already rocked out to Roanoke-based bands Morgan Wade & The Stepbrothers and Chupacabras, and Lynchburg's most popular band Apple Butter Soul.

The fifteen-member funk and jam extravaganza, set to headline the final Rockn To Lockn playoff, is led by funkateer showman Tony Camm, with Chris Schmitt on keys, Jimmy Young and Lonnie Daye, Jr. on guitars, Patrick Street on bass, John Bailey, Sr. on drums, a horn section that features Trev Hicks, the Collins brothers (Cedric and Avery) and Champ Scott, and vocals from Jacqui Camm, Kim Scott, Diva Yassin and R&B singer a promised few secret weapon surprises during the set.

With a unique blend of P-Funk and Americana jam, paying homage to legends George Clinton and Jerry Carcia, the band has developed into an entertaining touring act, showcasing their created genre called "Funk The Dead" as well as an increasing amount of funky original material, with songs such as "Allstars Of Funk", "Funk Salvation" and "Set Me Free".

The less-than-three-year-old Central Virginia-based group has been making a name for itself playing venues and festivals primarily in the Virginia, Maryland and D.C. area, but is poised to attain recognition on a national level this year with the upcoming release of their debut EP, that features appearances by some members of the current Parliament-Funkadelic lineup.

Bandleader Camm, a life-long P-Funk enthusiast, assembled the collective by piecing together established musicians from the worlds of funk, R&B, jazz, jam and hip-hop (hence...Allstars) and allowing them to free-form collaborate, creating unique and interesting mash-ups.

The result is a buffet of funky delights for any audience, highlighted by Camm's natural ability to connect with and involve party-goers with a genuine concern that all in attendance have a great time, and clamor for more.

The band has become known for their trademark show ending that features a crowd sing-along chant of "one rhythm, one nation" and a chorus of the Funkadelic hit "I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing" filling the room with a sentiment of coming together to help one another. One nation indeed.

The Rockn To Lockn live playoffs are Saturday March 2 at 8pm in the Academy Center Of The Arts Warehouse Theater and will be broadcast live on the Relix Channel.

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