The MG Circus comes to Friday Cheers

The band is introduced, and the first song establishes that this is going to be a party.

"We are the MG Experience, and for the next three hours we'd like to welcome you to our musical circus!" exclaims the group's ringmaster, Tony Camm.

Over the next three hours that circus will feature a four piece band led by DJ ED, and no less than a half dozen vocal performers who take the crowd through an entertainment event that covers many musical genres, including Pop, Top40, R&B, Country, Dance and Hip Hop.

Ladies and gentlemen...welcome to the MG Experience.

Launched in 2013 from an idea to add live musicians and vocalists to a popular DJ, the MG Experience has headlined street festivals, and played concerts and convention party gigs.

This Friday, June 12, 2015, the MG "musical circus" comes to Lynchburg's summer concert event Friday Cheers, held at the Community Market.

The show begins at 6pm, and Camm urges attendees to be prompt. "The party starts right at 6", he says, "and it doesn't stop until we're told to".

Admission is $5. 12 and under are free.

For more info on the band CLICK here 

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