The DJ needs a band!

In this current entertainment climate where Hip/Hop and Dance music rule in the club, and deejays sell out 100,000-seat arenas around the world, WHO NEEDS A BAND?...well, the DJ does.

Now that everybody, and his cousin, with the help of a plethora of new electronic equipment, is mastering the art of deejaying, and getting their shot in the local clubs and venues, the DJ could use a little something to give him/her a distinctive edge on the ever-increasingly-crowded "DJ highway".

Enter The DJ ED Band.

World-stage deejay and producer DJ ED has added Benny V on keyboards, C.T. Bailey on bass and guitar, Fred Jackson on drums, and Tony Camm on vocals to his act, with the result being an exciting entertainment experience that brings you the non-stop party that you get with a deejay, plus the added energy and sound of a live band and vocals.

This FIVE man "DJ experience" moves seamlessly from hit song to hit song with no apparent set list, taking their cues from DJ ED, who's sole focus is "what does the party call for?".

Drummer Fred Jackson lends energy and backbeat utilizing both real and electronic drums, C.T. Bailey contributes amazingly fresh accents whether on the guitar or the bass, music genius Benny V makes every song sound fresher than it was with abnormal keyboard strokes, and frontman Tony Camm keeps the crowd hyped and involved with his vocal renditions.

Without question, when the last song is over, you WILL know that you were at a party!

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