Tony Camm Radio takes local content global!

Tony Camm Radio, a part of the Radio 434 entertainment platform, is aggressively streaming local Lynchburg area content out to the world.

Launched three years ago by Camm and Mike Mckendree to continue the popularity of the Tony Camm Radio Show once it left the terrestrial station HOT103.9, the channel expands on Camm's vision of showcasing local "lifestyle for your radio" and making it available to anyone on the globe.

Anchored by the "Tony Camm Radio Show", that features funny bits and interviews by Camm and the Hot Squad (Jamille Moreland, Brian Richie and Justin Bailey), the 24/7 platform is also home to "Keisha & Company", "Mrs. Joy's Tips and Treats", "Yoga Goodness with Leslie Davis", "The Poetic Truth Show", and the recently added "50 Shades of Red Show". 

Coming soon will be a fitness show with Deidre Douglas Washington, a style and money show with Anthony Andrews and Jawansa Hall from Twenty23 LLC., and motivational tips from "Teflon John" Jonathan Smith.

The channel plays music as well, but only features songs by local artists, such as Shaquawna, Rise Rashid, Lovell, Antonio Jamar, Lleraj and Tonya Rivers, in it's rotation.

"The plan is to take extremely meaningful and entertaining local content and broadcast it out to the world at large", Camm says. "Before, our shows were only reaching the Lynchburg, with a computer or a cell phone people can listen to our content anywhere on the planet".

The shows may be produced by local personalities, but the content is very much universal, focusing on art, music, fashion, health, money, food, domestic violence and personal empowerment.

The shows are broadcast numerous times each day in a random scheduling format to give listeners many opportunities to tune in to their favorite shows, and also accidentally stumble across other content.

Following the original airings, the shows are also podcast and available for download at click on "radio".

The Tony Camm Radio Channel platform is available at and on the "Radio434" phone app.


Click HERE to listen to and download episodes of "Keisha & Company".


Click HERE to listen to and download episodes of "The Poetic Truth Show".

Click HERE to listen to and download episodes of the "50 Shades Of Red Show" 

Click HERE to listen to and download episodes of the "Tony Camm Radio Show".

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